to Feel Good and Get Results
in Everything you do

When you Speaking, When you are Thinking, Listening, Reading or Writing,

Words are ubiquitous. They are a Part of your Life.

We offer Training Courses, Coaching and Individual Hypnosis Sessions.

Every Word becomes a "Capsule" that contains all Memories,
Experiences and Emotions matching this Word.
(Even the word "Apple")

The ingenious Work of our Brain,

so that we don't have to continually learn again the same things,

is to Record, Memorize and Store All complete and detailed information,

associated with each word, and then to... "Serve" them again...
As soon as a word is Awake.

Memories immediatly comes flooding back, Consciously (analysable),

and also, in 90% of the cases, Unconsciously (without consciously thinking about that),

reacting immediatly the Body.

The power of Suggestions is considerable,
and Body and Mind are totally connected in a Systemic way, working in Unison and Harmony...

In less than one thousandth of a second, you'll really Feel all kinds of Emotions

recorded within the "Capsule" of this Word.


These Emotions will quickly spread inside the brain, through the action of the

Neurotransmitters, and will interfere into your Body....


And... depending on the content of the Memory, Annoying or Pleasant,
these Emotions provide a feeling of Well-Being... or not.


It's the Growth "Drip by Drip" of these Sensations, in the course of the day, and of your Life,
that will structure or dislocate your internal State... with absolutely Every Word,

Heard, Spoken, Read, Written, or Thought !

    All these Words often gush from your mouth with force of habit, completely without thinking.

    And yet, they have the Power to change, immediately and very quickly, your Behaviour and
    your internal State, and... your interlocutor's Behavior and internal State, too !

Regain control over these automation is highly useful and smart,
to feel better right away, and get effective Results in everything.

The capacity to Choose the Right Words, and to Place them from your sentences,
is a Powerful Know-How.

When we become aware of that, we very much want to be able to Change things...
As our grandmother used to say, simply, turning your tongue 7 times... mentally


So, it's a good suggestion, to Generate, every day, your batch of PLEASANT THOUGHTS,

because this is the best treatment "without medication" on all Things... Simply.

This Daily Training of Mind will drive Physiological Changes
more than beneficial for the Brain and the Body.


In an odd way, conversely, people who collect not pleasant words, increase

their production of Cortisol, produced by the Adrenal Glands.

(A blood sample proves a sharp drop in immune System at the slightest contradiction...

And in most of the cases words are responsible)

Nice Thoughts, on the other hand, creates new brain connections and acts directly
in a positive way on the Health, on immune defences, Antibodies,
the Quality of Sleep, Self-Confidence, Peacefulness, Heart, Well Being......

It's a Natural Hypnotic Process.

Plato mastered the Power of Words in his "psychotherapeutic" processes,
and today, the Medical Functional Imaging confirms that it is scientifically proven,

by observing the Brain activity front of Words.

My Book about Well-Being by the Words, and the Training Courses we are proposing,

are enshrined in that Spirit and Allow you to Learn how effectively and easily
master this Know-How...


See you again soon...

        jhgiorgi  JEAN HUGHES GIORGI

        Film Director and NLP Communication Consultant  and Management.

        Neurolinguist . Trainer . Author . Suggestive Hypnotic Communication (SHC)

        Conferences, Workshops, Training Courses (Business and Private)

        Training already with several hundred trainees across all domains.
        Paris • Lyon • Switzerland • New York

        Hypnotic Communication Training Courses for Dental Offices. Rapid Inductions.

        Hypnotherapist. Individual Sessions, Ericksonian Brief Therapy, Hypnosis, Coaching

        Public Speaking, Stage Fright, Assertivity, Relationship Skills

        Company Audit (Client and Employees Communication Improvement)

        Rewriting (or Creating) Documents : Advertising, Leaflet, Web Site, Speech...


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