Because we are sure that what we are saying is understood as it is by others individuals, and other individuals are sure that what they understood is exactly what we've told them. However...

The Reality is Different for each of us !

Better understanding of how your interlocutors operate is useful to be on the same page and so quickly obtain real effective RESULTS. Knowledge and Skills about healthy Relationships.

Self Development


Learn how easily improve everything in your Professional and Personal Life :

Self-Confidence, Emotional Management,
Public Speaking, Be Calm, Creativity...

Perception of an Event is Subjective.

Imagination is stronger than the willingness.
NLP indicates how to Communicate with oneself and so easily Change and Improve our limiting Behaviours.


Hypnosis & Brief Therapy

Instead of Seeking for a long time "Why" we fell in a hole, NLP and Hypnotherapy help us "How" to find the way to move out... Quickly : Behavioural change, Phobias, Vertigo, Addictions, Sleep, Self Confidence...

90% of our Behaviours are Unconscious.

Modified State of Consciousness (that is manifesting when you relax) provides access to your unconscious Mind Part and so to "reprogram" all the automatisms you wish to Change... simply with Hypnosis.



are the three Fields of Application through the WORDS.

Understand unconscious mind functioning and the Power of Words is an

essential LIFE SKILL. And it's very EFFICIENT for your COMPANY !

The site develops excerpts from the coming book concerning the

Power of Words to feel good, in the Work and at Home.

We offer Training Courses, Coaching and Individual Hypnosis Sessions.

NLP is just a common sense Observation of what is working in order to replicate it.
Know how to Communicate better with Yourself and Others, and Learn
how the Mind can also take care and treat the Body is Essential today.

Hypnosis is a natural state, allowing you to Communicate with your unconscious mind,
managing all your automatics (Learnings, Behaviours, Vocabulary...)

We can activate this state ourselves through Self-Hypnosis or with the help of a Practitioner.

... Have an attentive look at the Picture of the Beach, at the top,
it demonstrates many things about the subject...

• Each Chair is different, Position, Color... And Each Person is Unique and Different, too !
    Become aware of another Person, his way of Being, his own World, its Desires,

   allows us to Better Communicate, ensure Effective Results, and Well Being.


• Such as Weather of this Sky, your Emotions can and do Change.

    SImply Change your thoughts, and your perception of the events, then you'll change

    your emotions, and, your Body and your Mind would follow immediately.


• This Harmonious and Colorful Place open, in full freedom, your Imagination on the Horizon.

    As a Bridge towards the Future... From the Current internal State to the Desired State.


Notice that Feeling of Calmness you are now experiencing, looking at the Sea...

Feel the soft heat of the Sun, Listen to the rhythm of waves, Look at the Colours,

Smell the Sea AIr, or the sweet Scent of Vanilla, the Sea Salt Spray Taste on your Lips...

At this moment, your Thoughts, and the Words that make them up, guides you through

a Well-Being internal State . You are in a Modified State of Consciousness.
It is as Simple as that... A shift of Attention.
    Close your eyes for a moment, Breathe... and Get Fed with it... Hypnosis is a natural state.


Each thought wakes up, unconsciously or not, related Memories and Emotions.

According to the words contained, it generates in the Body, either Cortisol (stress hormone) to avoid, or Dopamine (happiness hormone) to favor...

Scientific evidence from Neuroscience, undergoing Functional MRI, have confirmed it.

And over the course of the day, these feelings, from the words we used, accumulate, Pleasant or not.
This explains the internal State in which you feel going to bed that night.
    Voltaire once said "I have decided to be happy because it's good for my health"

That is pretty obvious... Mind Heals the Body.

That is why it is important for us to skilfully choose our Words, and like at home...
"do housekeeping". Keeping always in mind the Desired Result for You and for Anyone else.

NLP helps us to awaken our mind to better understand the way we operate,
thus better Communicate with Oneself and with Others.
A true advantage in daily Life.

Words have significant real Hypnotic Power and are a Source of Wellbeing,
Healthy Condition and Success.

NLP observes and remarkes all of that, and really deserves being discovered and
well managed, if you desire improve your outcomes and feel great...


More and more people are starting to take a serious interest in this approach.

See you again soon...

. Our one to four-days Training Courses propose a specific induction
  laying the foundations for NLP and Suggestive Communication,
  effectively applicable the same day.

. A Coaching Session is composed of hours.
. The lengtht of an Hypnosis and NLP Session is about 1h.

        jhgiorgi  JEAN HUGHES GIORGI

        Film Director and NLP Communication Consultant  and Management.

        Neurolinguist . Trainer . Author . Suggestive Hypnotic Communication (SHC)

        Conferences, Workshops, Training Courses (Business and Private)

        Training already with several hundred trainees across all domains.
        Paris • Lyon • Switzerland • New York

        Hypnotic Communication Training Courses for Dental Offices. Rapid Inductions.

        Hypnotherapist. Individual Sessions, Ericksonian Brief Therapy, Hypnosis, Coaching

        Public Speaking, Stage Fright, Assertivity, Relationship Skills

        Company Audit (Client and Employees Communication Improvement)

        Rewriting (or Creating) Documents : Advertising, Leaflet, Web Site, Speech...


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