a Powerful Know-How

NLP is a Powerful Know-How which has already been in existence for over 40 years,

in the United States of America. Inextricably tied to Hypnosis.

Initiated in 1975 by Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

It has proved its efficiency in all areas of Life.

We offer Training Courses, Coaching and Individual Hypnosis Sessions.

NLP is mainly a smart Observation on what works best, or not.

It's a vast field of knowledge, which belongs to everyone, such as Mathematics.

Based on "Common Sense" and Logical Reasoning.
Each one can Happily and Effectively bring its contribution.
    You have all been doing NLP for a long time, without knowing it !
    ... When you wisely duplicate what does work.
    (Like Monsieur Jourdain speaking prose without knowing it)

In the United States many best and brightest Communication specialists

are trained to use NLP.


Inter alia, Politicians, Managers, Advertisers, HRDC, Lawyers, Doctors, Dentists,

Therapists, Journalists, Salespersons, Artists, Actors, Sportspeople, Teachers,

Captain, Mothers... also successfully practice NLP for a long time.
    Persuasion, Congruence, Confidence...
    That can interest and may concern us all.


NLP quickly offers fantastic opportunities. You will see bright Changes so fast...

Whether it is with your Spouse, your Children, your Neighbours, your Colleagues,
your Customers, your Patients, your Business,
or even... a whole Nation.

We hear more and more about Hypnosis, NLP provides for it related Protocols.

And the understanding of the Pattern Interruption principle (Programmes) is really helpful.


You will subtly learn how Words are working, and how the people around you operate...

To develop a Better Understanding.

Every Heard or Spoken Word, every Read or Written Word, or simply Thought Word,

start automatically an Action Program, stored in the Subconscious Memory,
and this, immediately causes, to your Body or your Interlocutor's Body,

a natural and wholly Unconscious Reaction, in 90 % of the cases.


NLP is a Relevant Understanding of all your Subjective Thoughts.
Everything that is varying in your Mind, and in each one of us,

according to our own Personality, our Principles and our Tastes.

In response, it's a Modelling and a Reproduction of Efficent Functioning.


Everyone knows how serious Practising NLP is Powerful and fairly Well Thought-out
to get a person, or oneself, from the internal A State, to B State.

Now, you become Aware of NLP Great Opportunities, and you can already imagine

how you can better Succeed many Moments of your Life.


In our Induction Training you will learn how it all works,

in an Easily understood manner, Easy to Remember, Easy to Practice,
With Quick Results. Immediately.   With a very clear language, and with Humour.

You will have learned something useful long before the day is done.

All of this fits into a unique Presentation on a Video Screen,
with a very Didactic and Playful Tutoring...    See you again soon...

        jhgiorgi  JEAN HUGHES GIORGI

        Film Director and NLP Communication Consultant  and Management.

        Neurolinguist . Trainer . Author . Suggestive Hypnotic Communication (SHC)

        Conferences, Workshops, Training Courses (Business and Private)

        Training already with several hundred trainees across all domains.
        Paris • Lyon • Switzerland • New York

        Hypnotic Communication Training Courses for Dental Offices. Rapid Inductions.

        Hypnotherapist.  Individual Sessions, Ericksonian Brief Therapy, Hypnosis, Coaching

        Public Speaking, Stage Fright, Assertivity, Relationship Skills

        Company Audit (Client and Employees Communication Improvement)

        Rewriting (or Creating) Documents : Advertising, Leaflet, Web Site, Speech...


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