How To Choose Your Second Halve

How to Choose Your Second Halve
Have you ever wondered if there is any method to choose the ideal partner? You may also wonder, will he or she be the one? Will my family and my friends like him or her? Is there an ideal man or woman?
Alexandre Courtiol and a team of researchers from the universities of Montpellier and Toulouse in France concluded that the desired and real features do not match either for women or men, so it could be said that people are far from finding the ideal partner. A bit disappointing and frustrating for many, but somewhat more realistic.
The researchers studied the preferences of 116 heterosexual couples in the city of Montpellier in areas such as height and body mass, which show almost the entire variety of human body shapes. Then they compared the results with the couples that these people have in real life.
In matters of love, strategies are never easy, especially if you expect to find that person that we can consider our second halve. However, something that we can do in a somewhat simpler way, is to look at the following points which are a powerful tool to identify our ideal partner.


When choosing a partner, things often occur on their own, i. e., we must have a sufficient level of affinity in addition to psychological and emotional understanding. Clearly, we should feel comfortable with that person in every way. This is something that you can discover even with a simple conversation that you may have with someone at dating websites like wellhello.

2. Same Ideas

You must take into account the common ideas about family life and living together, the work habits of each one and the value you establish for your profession or work.

3.Think About the Future

To know if he or she is your second halve and you want to spend many years with that person, you will need to evaluate the level of maturity and emotional balance of each one, economic stability and ability to generate income together and the importance you attach to the distribution of the resources.

4.Share Moments

Support each other as friends, share some hobbies, interests and moments, feel that it grows and evolves with the other person.

5. Communication is Important

Being able to communicate with your partner is important, for example, you can check if you agree on religious, cultural and moral values, know the capacity of commitment and fidelity of each one. All this should be topics of conversation without ending up in discussion.

6. Be Realistic

Cultivate realism, because the attraction to the other person can increase or decrease as his or her defects and virtues are recognized. Physical attraction should not be the main point to consider when choosing our partner.

7. Physical Attraction Is Not Everything

If a person likes and attracts us, but we don't have fun talking to her or him, we have difficulties sharing our feelings and desires or feel bored with him or her, it is very likely that the relationship will not last long.

8. Analyze Our Life Project

Before formalizing with a couple we have to analyze our own life project, to see what place the other person occupies in that plan if the aspirations and desires of both are compatible.

9. Know the Family Circle

Knowing the couple's family well is another point to consider when knowing if he or she is your second halves in order to understand how it has influenced his or her behavior. It is also important to know the opinions of family and friends.

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