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We offer Training Courses, Coaching and Individual Hypnosis Sessions.

The Dictionary defines Coaching as,
      a Personalised Accompaniment,
which optimal Tangible and Measurable Results,
in the Professional or Personal Life.   Or both.

In more simple terms, he is someone, a professional, who knows

and masters effective and helpful "Tips" to deepening your knowledge,
and improve your performance.

Know how to disassemble the pieces of the "Meccano" that shape your habits.


It may be applicable in several different contexts...


      • Life Coaching for INDIVIDUALS

        To make things better in the Work and at Home.

        Conscious Session or in an Altered State of Consciousness (Hypnosis)

      • CORPORATE Coaching (for Individual or Group Work)

        To make things better internally, or with Clients.

        Public Speaking. Self-Confidence. Behaviour. Speeches...

      • CONSULTING or TRAINING Coaching

        The Session is built on a specific Project, for one-time or Extended.

      • Company Communication AUDIT

         Determination of improvements that will be put in place, in order to
        Change behaviour and Obtain the best results
with Clients.


Coaching is done totally and ethically in full respect of Needs and Desires

of the Person, or of the Group...
By doing a Goal Determination (Conscious and Unconscious Mind)

To handle all of your plans, an Expert experience in the Communications field
for more than 20 years, will provide you all the helpful keys...

See you again soon...

        jhgiorgi  JEAN HUGHES GIORGI

        Film Director and NLP Communication Consultant  and Management.

        Neurolinguist . Trainer . Author . Suggestive Hypnotic Communication (SHC)

        Conferences, Workshops, Training Courses (Business and Private)

        Training already with several hundred trainees across all domains.
        Paris • Lyon • Switzerland • New York

        Hypnotic Communication Training Courses for Dental Offices. Rapid Inductions.

        Hypnotherapist. Individual Sessions, Ericksonian Brief Therapy, Hypnosis, Coaching

        Public Speaking, Stage Fright, Assertivity, Relationship Skills

        Company Audit (Client and Employees Communication Improvement)

        Rewriting (or Creating) Documents : Advertising, Leaflet, Web Site, Speech...


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