Always remember to use the word “baby” in the title

Subtitles may include the commonly used phrase “spoiled.” Youngest children pride themselves on receiving hand-me-downs. Yet, there is no greater pleasure for a youngest than to receive something prior to the age their siblings did. Perhaps getting their ears pierced. Subtitles may include the commonly used phrase “spoiled.” Youngest children pride themselves on receiving hand-me-downs. Yet, there is no greater pleasure for a youngest than to receive something prior to the age their siblings did. Perhaps getting their ears pierced. On the cover of your book, place a picture of a family, where one parent is smiling at the 5.0 GPA, eldest child, of course, while the other glares at the middle child who is creating a scene on the side. The youngest child sits centered smiling for the camera. It is evident the parents are consumed with juggling the eldest child’s accomplishments in every sport, academic class, and other activities and ensuring that the middle child is not making a mess, a scene, or throwing a tantrum.

The youngest child gains their strong sense of independence as they sit alone playing with every Barbie doll known to man or every new edition of Legos. Obviously, their parents buy them any toys they want, they are baby. Your characters must include the baby of the family, the disgruntled middle child, the eldest child, and the parents. The baby of the family is spoiled and receives anything he or she wants at the drop of a hat, while the eldest is forced to work for everything and on multiple occasions, sacrifice his or her things to the baby. The disgruntled middle child is destined to sit in the shadows, living in old clothing of the eldest (soon to be the baby’s), and complaining about being forgotten, yet none of the other characters process this cry for help. The parents cannot be forgotten, as they are constantly being overbearing and watching over the eldest’s shoulders, leaving room for the middle child to get themselves involved in mischief.

The parents know the youngest is never the one to blame, even if they were, their manipulation skills are superior. The parents shower the do-no-wrong baby with material goods and praise, and occasionally, when they remember, a gift both the middle and eldest child. Of course, the baby will receive something the eldest has wanted for so long, but only received less than a month before. Be sure to include the pressure to live up to the older siblings standards, fill their shoes, and follow in their footsteps, which is convenient as she is actually wearing their hand-me-down shoes. Yet he or she is stranded alone on the struggle bus because he or she witnesses the middle sibling constantly asking for attention from the parents.

Whoever said that being second is the first to lose failed to mention that the third to lose is really the bigger loser. As if the present standards and treatment discrepancies were not enough, youngest children seem to accept their independence by their prepubescent years. This means they must adapt to answer to their sibling’s names and occasionally the family pet’s names as well. Do not fail to point out their top-notch negotiation skills and ability to both love and hate everyone they meet. In addition to compromise comes the double agent abilities. The youngest child is a professional con man. This full-time job allows for masterful manipulation to achieve the end goal of conquering life or death scenarios, such as who gets to wear the pristine pair of Lululemon leggings today and who gets stuck with the generic brand amongst the siblings. As the story progresses, make sure to never include the middle child in anything past chapter 2. They aren’t too important anyway.

It is vital to conclude your book with the baby of the family getting every possession of the eldest child. The baby must be rewarded for all they do on their own. The youngest’s curfew is set much later than their older siblings as they are obviously more mature than they were at any given age. The parents continue to pressure the eldest to work harder and do better and constantly adding more restrictions while releasing those pertaining to the younger siblings. It’s looking like the youngest will be allowed a 4-Day Lollapalooza ticket! Luckily, their siblings get to experience their first time at Lolla this year too!Remember to end your book by quoting their mother’s famous line that has been repeated over and over again every time the youngest child was in need of help defending themselves against their siblings, “it’s just because we care.” When all is said and done, despite any hard proof, the youngest is the favorite.

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